The family of Amjad Sabri wants to flee Pakistan and are planning to shift and settle in UK because they feel that they are not safe in Pakistan.

Azmat Sabri, brother of Amjad Sabri said that “Although, we have spent all our lives in this city, but we now consider ourselves insecure. Our lives are at stake in Liaquatabad “ He was talking with ARY News and discussed that how they fear for the protection of their family.

Azmat also asked the government to bear the expense so that they may settle in London. He said they are applying for Visa through former chief justice of Pakistan Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry.

Amjad Sabri was assassinated on June 22 near his house in Liaquatabad. Initially the blame was put on MQM and it was said that the target killing was done after Amjad Sabri refused to pay extortion money.

On social media people reacted to the news saying that it is shame for us that the Sabri family is leaving Pakistan for security issue.