There is probably no one in Pakistan who hasn’t heard about ‘Ainak Wala Jin’ which was kids only entertainment show which was aired from PTV.

Bil Batoori from Ainak Wala Jin was a negative role but everyone loved her line ‘Bil Batori Nasa Chauri Adhi Mithi Adhi Kauri’.

But after making Pakistani’s to laugh and entertain for so many years she is begging to get food and meet basic needs of her life.

[junkie-alert style=”green”] Bil Batoori asked that ‘I gave my life to the youth of this country, but who is here today to wipe my tears?’ [/junkie-alert]

Few days ago she fainted because of exhaustion in Data Ali Hajveri’s shrine, where she is going from last 3 years for begging so that she may get food and pay her rent.

This raises question on the role of government of Pakistan, if they have failed the famous stars and artists of the country then what is the situation of the common poor man?