PEMRATwo new radio stations is set to start from Sukkur and Jhelum as Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory (PEMRA) has awarded licenses for two FM radio stations in a brief ceremony which was held on Tuesday at PEMRA’s Headquarters in Islamabad. After these two FM radio licenses, FM radio stations has extended to 198 in Pakistan.

M/s Capital Broadcasting Services Pvt. Ltd Karachi was presented FM license for Jhelum city whereas M/s Sitar Communication Pvt. Ltd was given license for Sukkur city. While addressing to the event, Chairman of PEMRA said that there is no doubt that FM radios has been playing a vital role in the promotion of educating and information as it is one of the oldest broadcasting sector of Pakistan. He also added that FM radio is the great source of information and news especially in the distant areas where cable TV is not available because of geographic or topographic blockades.

FM radio is inexpensive and easy reachable way for entertainment and information as it has remained a crucial tool due to which public literacy, opinion and views has increased about socio-political rights, Chairman added. He also showed his hopefulness during the occasion that both FM radio licenses for the cities of Jhelum and Sukkur would follow PEMRA and the country’s rules and regulations.