PEMRA OfficeIslamabad: The Senate Standing Committee on Information and Broadcasting had asked Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority or PEMRA to take serious action against the Television Channels which shows live cricket feed. The direction given to PEMRA was the reaction by Standing Committee Chairman Kamil Ali Agha after receiving a request from Managing Director of Pakistan Television (PTV) Muhammad Malick. Majority of private television channels were showing live cricket match in discussion programs which is illegal, Muhammad Malick explain in his request. He said that Pakistan Television had paid a large amount to show live cricket matches of the Cricket World Cup but private news channels were illegally showing live feed.

The Managing Director also said that Pakistan Television is facing crisis due to incompetent and useless employees which is burden on the corporation. He said that the recruitments done in the past were based on wrong assessment and that is why corporation is facing crisis. He also added that PTV has more than 5000 employees but it is giving an output of about 1000 employees as compared to the private organizations.

It is to be noted that most of the Pakistani News Channels had involved in feeding live cricket illegally in the past also but no action was taken by the PEMRA in this regards.