Humaima MalikKarachi: A video is being shared massively on social media about glamorous Pakistani actress Humaima Malik fighting verbally with Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) staff on account of delayed flight. Video was made by a common man who had also been waiting for the same flight and supporting Humaima Malik in confronting PIA staff.

Initially, Humaima was complaining peacefully when PIA crew arrived lately. Officers ignored her and were passing by quietly then Humaima accused the officers that because of the crew we all had been waiting for so long. After hearing these words, one of the officers started shouting at Humaima and said we are not responsible for the delay, you should ask the management about it. Annoyed Humaima then blasted on that officer saying: “You are answerable as well and I will ask you about it”. They both kept on bawling at each other until video maker –passenger interrupted taking Humaima’s side.

In meantime so many other exhausted passengers came in and angrily countered that officer of yelling at a lady. Whereas the officers kept on answering that passengers are not supposed to question us about the delay. The video maker-passenger told the officers that I m along with my family including small children who are crying outside because of flight delay.