Mubashir LuqmanMubashir Luqman, the famous anchor who is known for his audacity and relentless approach, has finally disclosed the reason of his inclination towards Imran Khan. Addressing a large crowd, he said that a visit to Shaukat Khanum made him an Imran Khan fan.

He told the audience that he once visited Shaukat Khanum to enquire after his uncle’s health, where he witnessed the father of the hospital’s founder Imran Khan admitted to a ‘shared ward’. Praising the in discriminatory treatment of the hospital administration, Mubashir added that Imran Khan’s father had been brought on emergency; even then he had to wait in the queue for two hours to get admitted to the hospital.

The then Information Secretary of PTI Omar Sarfaraz Cheema told Mubashir that Imran Khan will be there in the hospital till 3 O’clock. Mr. Luqman went to see Imran’s father intentionally after 3 so that he doesn’t come across Imran. However, when he visited the room, he found that Khan’s father was allocated a shared ward. “I was amazed to see Shaukat Khanum founder’s father in a shared ward in his last days”.

Here is His Video in which he praised Imran Khan