veteran actress rohi banoVeteran actress of Pakistan Roohi Bano is suffering from schizophrenia, condition of mental disorder. She was admitted to the mental hospital in Lahore where doctors took a good care of her due to which her condition was improved. Star of television serials in 1970’s and 80’s era is living alone in her house situated in Gulberg area of Lahore. Doctors who treat Roohi Bano said that her condition was worst at the time she was admitted to the hospital but after the treatment her condition is much better as compared to previous one. Some very close friends of Roohi Bano asked her fans to remember her in their prayers.

Roohi bano had suffered from this condition after the tragic death of her only son who was murdered by the thieves in 2005. After this tragedy, her mental condition going worst day by day and finally suffered from schizophrenia. She is unable to speak clearly due to her mental disorder and living alone in her house.

Roohi Bano is amongst the actors who witnessed the birth of television industry of Pakistan. She has given heartfelt performances in television dramas like Kiran Kahani, Zard Gulab and Darwaza and won various award including Pride of Performance.