Reham KhanRumors are circulating that Reham Khan will leave media, few months back she got married to Imran Khan. She is now seen accompanying her husband to every place he goes and supporting him in his mission. Reham herself denied such rumors and said that she will carry on her career in Pakistani Media.

According to the sources she is planning to join politics and her recent visit to Karachi is part of her bigger plan. While her visit to Karachi she said that she was not afraid to visit Karachi adding to it she said that we stand with the people of Karachi and we came here to drive away the fear from the people. No Go area does not exist for Imran Khan, She said while adding that Altaf Hussain’s attitude towards them also changed.

Reham Khan graduated from UK and worked there for years. Her assignments include working at Legal TV, Sunshine Radio and BBC south. In 2012 she resigned from BBC and moved to Pakistan where she had the opportunity to cover the elections of 2013. She joined NewsOne in early 2013 than moved to AAJ TV and later to Dawn News.