Fereeha IdreesFereeha Idrees recently joined Abb Takk TV, replacing Jasmeen Manzoor. She ishosting the prime time Program ‘Tonight with Fereeha’ which on-airs Monday through Friday at 8:03pm starting from 6th April.

The promo of her program depicts her fearless and risk taking nature along with the realization of the situation around. Balanced and result oriented discussions. A specific angle of viewing matters and problems faced by Pakistan, Innovative approach covering Politics and current Affairs along with the legal aspects. Along with the realization of the fact of being heard worldwide comes with a responsibility too. She has a proven track record of almost 15 years in Journalism.

Completing her education from London, UK. She has worked in Foreign Media as well as in Pakistani Media. She was with Samaa TV before joining Abb Takk her stay at Samaa TV surely gave her fame along with the experience which shaped her accordingly. Her works are not just confined to journalism or anchoring, writing, editing and documentary making are a few to name from her talents. She is an award winning Documentary Maker, she won Banff Award for her documentary “Unsung Heroes”.