Mohabbat Ek IttefaqMohabbat Aik Ittefaq is a Turkish movie that is said to be launched coming soon in Pakistan. After a long term hegemony enjoyed by the Indian media industry, the Turkish people look to take over their place. The Turkish waves came with their local dramas, and then began the series of their products in the market. The first movie that is expected to hit the cinemas has gained much hype on the social websites.

About Movie Story:

Mohabbat Aik Ittefaq is a triangle loved based story. It has three main leading roles, Deniz, Buraq and Ozgur. Deniz and Buraq fall for one another. Buraq parents do not agree to marry Daniz. Being an ambitious girl, Deniz is not ready to give up her career. In an exhibition, Buraq meets Ozgur, a photographer. Meeting for the first time they get into good terms. Eventually, Ozgur begins to falls for Buraq and Buraq for Deniz. It is an interesting story, with parents not ready to accept the couple and another girl in between their relationship, let’s see how the movie ends.

The movie is said to be dubbed in Bengali, Hindi and Urdu languages. The movie would be screened in Pakistan, India and Bangladesh as the Turkish dramas. With certain language, screen changes taken by the production departments of the film industry the movie will be screened.