meera scandalsLahore: Experience of working in Pashto films had been good. An artist does not know any language or border barrier. Soon the Lollywood would revive. In an interview, Meera spoke that easy it is to criticize others but difficult is to work. She said that criticizing the people in all fields whether it be sports, fashion industry, movie making, drama everyday, has become a fashion.

Meera said when the critics are asked of the solutions to the weaknesses then they don’t have any answer. ‘I have travelled almost the whole world and have witnessed the critics to emphasize on the solutions unlike us. It is the reason that country like Bangladesh have stepped forward in every disciplines and we still stand as backward nation’, said Meera.

She said that no imperative steps have yet been taken to combat the set backs that our film industry is facing. ‘Once a good movie is produced, then the entire movies follow the same format. No learning is made on bettering the film-making procedures’, she added.

On asking about her marital plans, Irtiza (Meera) said that couples are made in heaven and when it would be the right time she would tie the knot. She talked about her Pashto film ‘Worbal’ and said that it would be a pleasant gifts to the film-viewer this Eid. ‘I am recognized on my work. Being a media celebrity I am ready to face criticisms. I don’t believe in cheap publicity but the film artists are trying to follow me by working in the Bollywood industry,’ she further said.