sara loren scandalsLahore: In an interview, Pakistan’s celebrated film actress and model Sarah Loren said that actresses copy her style, unlike her. ‘My hairstyle, my dressing and different ways are adopted by the actresses but I have never tried to mimic any one,’ said the actress.

She said that Kareena Kapoor and Katrina had done item songs with their choice. Adding, she said that I do not plan to do any item song for now in any Bollywood movie. Expressing her views on the Indian reality show big boss, she said that the show is a program involving the mentally sick people and she does not plan to become part of it.

She said that the big boss show has sick people who make issues with out any reason. They get into love relationships to get cheap publicity.

Sara said that she is selective about the projects she does and it is the reason that she has made a successful way in the media industry. Mona Lisa, former name of Sarah, said that she has earned distinguishable respect and fame due to her diligent performance in the drama and movie industry.

She said that she believes in quality of work and not quantity. She told that annually India produces thousand films but only few get successful to hit the box office.

These days Sarah is in India. She has told upon of signing commercials for the Indian channels but has not yet accepted any item song offer. However, the fashion diva plans to do one if offered by some big, good movie of Bollywood industry. Presently the ‘Kajra’ girl is in India but would be here in Pakistan on the Eid-ul –Azha occasion.