The Reham Khan ShowThe first show of Reham Khan’s weekly show on Dawn News will be featuring Imran Khan as a guest. Reham Khan in her first episode of the show will be interviewing her husband Imran Khan. The Reham Khan Show will be calling guests who are heroes and have contributed socially for betterment of Pakistan.

The main aim of the show will not be political at all instead it will focus on social issues of Pakistan and will feature people who have solutions to the social issues of Pakistan along with the people who have socially contributed for betterment of Pakistan. All the fans of Imran Khan-Reham Khan are eagerly waiting for the premier of the Show of Mrs. Khan. This itself has something to say that why Reham Khan chose Imran Khan as a guest in the first episode of her show.

Reham Khan opted out of TV in the beginning of this year after her marriage with Imran Khan. She will be joining back Dawn News where she will host the program ‘The Reham Khan Show’ which is planned to be aired once a week. Reham’s tweet regarding the premier of her show has been widely talked about on the social media.