Pervez_MusharrafThe promo of President Musharraf Show was circulating on Social Media from last few days, according to the promo the show was to be telecasted on Bol News. The promo which seemed to be real actually turned out to be a fake video. The promo was finely tuned and was present everywhere. The move was may be made to prove some connection of Bol TV with the establishment.

The promo claimed that the President Musharraf Show will be hosted by the most authentic name of Pakistan General(r) Pervez Musharraf the ex-President of Pakistan. The tagline actually claimed “the most authentic name on Pakistan’s biggest Channel”. Moreover the promo claimed about Musharraf, that nothing is hidden from him. The promo although claimed it to be aired on Bol News but was silent regarding its starting date and number of times it will be telecasted in a week along with Nature of the show.

The fake promo was circulated at such a time when Axact was already in deep trouble over the issue of selling fake degrees and diplomas as FIA’s investigation continues on the matter. Some time ago some fake news also claimed that General(r) Zaheer-ul-Islam will join Bol Media Network.

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