Mubashir Luqman Joins Bol News

Mubashir-LuqmanMubashir Luqman has joined Bol News he will be filling the gap created by resignation of Kamran Khan. Pakistan Media Updates came to learn about Mubashir Luqman’s joining of Bol News from the sources. Mubashir Luqman at various platforms announced his support for Bol TV which was being victimized.

Since the issue started Mubashir has been raising his voice for Bol TV which was under constant attacks by other media channels. He was of the view that the media channels which were giving extra-ordinary coverage to the issue of Axact actually had grudge against Bol TV. Mubashir earlier resigned from ARY News along with the team of ‘Khara Sach’ and as per his own tweets he had meetings with the management of Bol TV and they finalized the matters regarding Muabshir’s joining along with his team.

Mubashir has decided to board Bol TV at such a time when a number of senior journalists including Kamran Khan resigned from Bol News. The resignation spree is at its peak now after the Axact case of selling fake degrees. Dr. Shahid Masood also hinted about Mubashir’s joining of Bol TV.

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  1. aman says:

    sir, your did a very good job,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Bol will not disappoint you. All nation is proud on you ….Fight for Bol right

  2. shakeel ahmad says:

    I want to join BOL TV. Iam master in English TEFL and B.Ed. If need plz reply
    cell number. 03338554847 from DGKHAN

  3. Lt col(R)Muhammad Aslam Malik says:

    Want to join Bol

  4. shahid shreef says:

    so respected sir mubahser luqman we are with you and all pakistani proud of you call centers py ak program ho he jaye

  5. shahid shreef says:

    i was also working in a campain of creadit card if ecact r fake then all the call center working in pakistan those all r fake

  6. shahid shreef says:

    i wana join bole tv my number is 03071677445

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