Yesterday I planned to visit with my family The Great Pakistani Circus which has gained lots of eye balls in Karachi. I went in first show of the circus which started at 7:30pm as I got my entry pass and enter into the premises. When I came into the circus auditorium, I saw there was a huge rush as people of all ages were presented there and all set to see The Great Pakistani Circus.

Pakistani singer Nadeem Jafri was hosting the whole circus as he come on the stage and introduced the people with the theme of Great Pakistani Circus. He told about all the shows of the circus as I was just waiting for the circus to start because feelings were coming that something is going to be different. However the performance of the show was started which was named as Rope Performances.

Rope Performances:

The very first show Rope Performances made completely astonished us and left us speechless as it was a brilliant group of two girls and a boy who were doing tremendous performances on a single thin rope. This performance made us more excited for another brilliant performance of the circus as second performance was started which was Acrobats.



Acrobat was one of the best performances of the circus in which a girl did impressive and stunning acrobats at which large number of audiences applauded with all their heart. The circus was going very well and people were also getting entertained with the amazing environment of the circus as people were making videos and taking pictures of the excellent performances of the circus.

Balance Board:

However Balance Board performance got started which was the most daring act of the circus in which a talented guy took all eyes on him through his talent. Balance Board performance was full of dramatic balancing acts which were taking place by a skillful guy with the help of a rola bolas.

The Great Pakistani Circus balanceWe enjoyed a lot all the performances of the circus completely including dog show, chimpanzee show, poni show, clown, ariel performance, limbo dance, magic show, jugglers, strength power with Iron and trapeze with fabric. The Great Pakistani show was full of funny, daring and magical experiences which were not seen by the people ever in Pakistan as it was not a common circus. It is the best ever event of Pakistan which has come with amazing talent in Pakistan just to experience the people what the real circus mean is? The Great Pakistani Circus is really the great Pakistani circus which is a perfect family entertainment show and it should not suppose to be miss at all so join the show before 20th May, 2015.

My Rating: 9/10

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