booksA common problem we face today as a human society is deprivation of books. In the modern era of the Digital world and online world our virtual life has tremendously expanded whereas our existence in the world we live in has been restricted. The social life along with the family life has changed. Some experts argue that even the values have been subsided. Earlier the youth spent time with the elders of the family and not only use to learn from them but also used to take their prayers which were the source of divine blessing and mercy.

The senior citizens mostly grandparents in our society now feel deprived of the special time they earlier used to enjoy with their grandchildren. Now mostly the grandchildren are busy on their own smart phones or Tablets or Computers surfing online or playing games or interacting on social media whereas not even paying attention to the person they are sitting next to. This obviously is not a good gesture some even regard it as disrespect.  Using the cellphone in front of the elders means not paying attention to what they are saying or simply implying that they have no value in contrast to the electronic gadget you are using.

Even the professional lives have been affected by the advent of digital technology. Once in a conference on Urdu in Pakistan the host read out a couplet and related it to Faraz Ahmad Faraz the narrator of the incident later on went and asked the host in which book he read this couplet? The host replied he just read it online. You can imagine to what extent reliance on the internet can cause trouble. The narrator himself then told the host no such couplet exists of Ahmad Faraz it was something written by someone else to Ahmad Faraz he hasn’t written any couplet like this I have read his all books.

This problem even has not spared the students. The students also for saving their precious time rely on the Internet and instantly google what they want to know sometimes they memorize the unauthentic or totally wrong facts and keep on quoting it without background history or information and even defend their view which they acquired via the online world. Whereas the books which create not just simple image of the ideas or provide the knowledge of something but also creates the necessary base for the whole infor4mation and knowledge to be properly absorbed. Most of the senior Teachers and Parents and elders now a days keep instructing “Pay attention on Your Book”.