Recently the submission of Hajj Applications started for the performance of Hajj via the government scheme. But the unusual thing which happened this time was something very different and incomprehensible. Out of nowhere media published the news that from this time onwards it will be compulsory for each individual to declare if they are Shia or not.

Spontaneously discussions started on why the question was included now and never before, some argued that the need of declaring the sect arise in the wake of the current situation in the Middle East especially the Yemen conflict. Others argued that the Saudi Government wants to restrict the entry for the Shias. The media highlighted it as ‘it is for the first time that this question is being asked’.

shia girl status on hajj form issue
A Provoking message from a Shia girl on her Social Media Account

Whereas the facts and reality is opposite as the question although was not present on the front page of the form but was asked in some other manner, rather than directly declaring being Shia or not. The Ministry of religious affairs although was of the view that this had to be done on Saudi Arabia’s request and that too at a high level. But as it is not a new question it seems that chaos is being created and discussions on sectarian basis have started because of this.