welcome-to-karachi-posterThe upcoming Bollywood movie ‘Welcome to Karachi’ has become the center of criticism. The 3 minute trailer nothing had to show from Karachi. It looked more like Tora Bora rather than Karachi or even any Pakistani city. Karachiites have censured the film producers for showing the wrong Image of Karachi.

The movie is directed by Ashish R Mohan who also directed ‘Khiladi 786’ Starring Akshay Kumar. Arsha Warsi and Jackky Bhagnani will be in leading roles in the upcoming movie. Not a single scene shown in the trailer depicts the reality of the Biggest City of Pakistan ‘The City of Lights’ Karachi. The Karachiites have disowned the movie completely. Indians have never left any opportunity for defaming Pakistan and showing the wrong face of realities, misguiding the International community about Pakistan. It seems that they haven’t left any avenue to prove their enmity for Pakistan, depicting ‘The city of Lights’ as a backward stone aged settlement follows the suit.

The movie which will be released on 21st May 2015 revolves around two friends who live in India and want to go to USA, they finally decide to go to USA by ship starting their voyage from India towards USA but they end up getting to Karachi. The movie was shot in Birmingham, England.