bol bannerPakistan biggest media group “Bol” as claimed by its owner has started its test transmission. Most of media in Pakistan whether its electronic, print or online is almost full of Axact scandal and Bol Network news. I am writing this not because of Axact scandal. My concern is that from the last 20-24 months Bol Network was making an impact on common peoples mind. They did some amazing things like marketing on social media instead of billboards, newspapers, television channels. Millions of Pakistani uses social media therefore it was great step by Bol management by doing marketing on social media.

They were successful in bringing famous journalist Kamran Khan in their team. It is known to everyone that Kamran Khan was attached to Geo News and his show was awesome and always achieved highest TRPs.  After every week or so they were news that one famous journalist is joining Bol network or has joined Bol.

Every viewer in Pakistan was waiting for the channel and was hoping to see something new instead of old clichés. Bol group chairman Shoaib Ahmed Shaikh always claimed that what Bol group has no channel has in Pakistan. He claimed that Bol group has World’s biggest infrastructure.

When is BOL being launched? from Axact on Vimeo.

Now Bol has started its test transmission but there is nothing new.

The biggest disappointment is that this channel is same like other channels, even few Pakistanis channels started their test transmission far better than Bol.

Bol graphics is very bad and irritating it remembers me of NTM/STN. Their presence on social media is getting worse. On Facebook, Twitter they are not replying to peoples question (they can ignore Axact scandals questions but giving any valid reason like “Court will decide). When I asked them why Bol test transmission is not coming on my TV they didn’t respond.

Some suggested that I must contact my cable operator. If this is the case that what is different of Bol. They must have asked my Address and contacted cable operator.

[alert] Even there is no online streaming available to watch Bol [/alert]

Now many people are of the view that big names have left Bol and this will hurt very baldy Bol. But my view is that if we go with Shoaib Ahmed Shaikh claims that they have best system at Bol then they can easily become top channels as system is bigger which creates big name But after watching test transmission of Bol it looks this channel will be same like other channels which has nothing NEW to offer.

By Mubashir Mahmood.