Gharida_FarooqiNews Anchor Gharida Farooqi is being criticized on the social media for her dual stance over Axact issue. On the one hand she was present herself in events organized by Axact and Bol, on the other hand she censured Shoaib Shaikh for creating troubles for the journalist, anchors, reporters and especially lower staff as they have no option now after Axact went into trouble over the fake degrees issue.

Gharida Farooqi also called Shoaib Shaikh a ‘Fraudia’ who has put the careers of the journalists at stake. She said that he claimed that he will revolutionize the media but he didn’t succeeded to revolutionize the media but instead turned out to be a nightmare for the journalists he ruined the careers of journalists and their lives. She claimed that Bol has ruined lives of more than 2000 employees.

Gharida Farooqi has worked in numerous channels over the past few years. Her vast experience in News Reporting and News Anchoring opened up number of opportunities for her. She has worked in Pakistan Television later on she joined ATV when it was launched and remained part of it for a long period. She has also worked with Geo News for a long time later on working with Dunya News and hosting prime time Talk Show at Samaa TV. Recently she has joined Express News.