stage actress NargisLahore: The news is buzzing all over here that stage actress Nargis has offered 4 million rupees for stage drama on the event of Eid-ul-Adha but Nargis has declined this worthy offer by saying that she is not thinking of come back to stage dramas. According to the details, it is saying that Nargis is not taking her Hijab now and is thinking to return back to stage too.

Stage actress Nargis who has said Good Bye to stage dramas is still in great demand as producers are looking for her return to stage dramas. Producers also tried Nirma and Meera in place of Nargis but these actresses could not impressed audiences as well as producers too that’s why it will be good news for all producers if Nargis return to stage dramas. The co-stars of Nargis said that we are always ready to welcome Nargis in stage dramas as she is known as the live of stage dramas who completely knows how to impress audiences. On the other hand, some sources are also claiming that Nargis will do TV programs despite of stage.

Currently producers of stage drams are approaching Khushboo Khan and Mahnoor as these two actresses are mainly focused by all producers. Producers are making their stage dramas on the occasion of Eid-ul-Adha for which they are approaching big names of stage industry so that they can they can bring tremendous output and profit too.