Axact_FactsKarachi: Shoaib Shaikh the CEO of Axact was arrested by the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) as he was not able to satisfy the Investigators. 7 other Directors including the COO of Axact Group Viqas Atiq were also arrested. A day later Shoaib Shaikh along with his Brother in- law and the COO of Axact group Viqas Atiq was presented in a local court by the FIA. The corporate crime circle of FIA also lodged a First Information Report (FIR) under the violation of number sections of the law.

The Geo News’  program ‘Aaj Shahzeb Khanzada kay Saath’ which was aired few days back on the Axact issue called an ex Axact Employee as the Guest on that day he was asked several questions regarding the nature of business and how fake degrees were sold. He disclosed all the matters, mostly of the facts were same which were already claimed to be known by other News Channels and reporters. Pakistan Media Updates came to know from a reporter of a National Newspaper (Identity cannot be disclosed to keep him anonymous) that the alleged ex-Axact Employee actually was paid a hefty amount to participate in the program and disclose all the matters.

The tactics used, points to the fact that the program host and/or channel didn’t had any substantial evidence and decided to go the other way to serve their purpose of victimizing Axact and in essence create hurdles for Bol TV. Some of the channels which are few in number are working really hard these days to somehow grasp the opportunity of making Axact look as an Evil Empire in the eyes of the public. This behavior of the specific media houses itself is evident that they consider Bol as a threat and can go to any limit to create hurdles for the new media network.

On the contrary to the previous news we came to learn from Employee of an IT company, that while Signing the contract of employment he had to abide by the following condition “If you have ever been associated with Axact and have not informed this or the same is disclosed in future, then strict action will be taken against you”. This condition was present in the contract for a long time and it was not added to the contract now the employee explains. Moreover some other IT professionals also confirmed that they had trouble in finding a job after switching from Axact as no IT company was willing to accept them as an employee after their tenure at Axact. This matter points to the fact that the corporate sector of Pakistan already smelled something fishy in regards to business operations of Axact and its revenue streams. If Axact closes down thousands of employees will go jobless as other IT companies will not hire ex-Axactians their previous record is evident and after so much humiliation of Axact the chances have fainted even more.

It should be noted that Pakistan Media Updates by no means support Axact or any other company or Media House and neither we are against any company or Media House. The sole purpose is to inform the readers about the happenings in their country. At the same time we do not intend to create problems for the FIA which is investigating the matter, we also respect the honorable courts of Pakistan. We expect Justice to prevail.