Sohail Ahmed aka AziziLahore: Well-known actor Sohail Ahmed, who played the role of Azizi in program “Hasb e Haal”. Sohail is the best actor of Pakistani theatre that’s why all the directors are forcing him to come back in stage dramas. He has been offered a huge amount to work by the directors. But all directors got fail to convince him.

Sohail left theatre due to vulgarity and he does not want to work in these types of vulgar dramas. According to him just vulgarity is left in our Pakistani dramas and nothing else. He said that our dramas are not able to watch with families, we should make those dramas which could be seen with families. This is true that our Pakistani channels are showing very shameful dramas.

People feel shy to watch these types of dramas with family. Our media should think that we belong to a Muslim country and they should make dramas according to our culture. They should not try to copy Indian dramas, because there is a lot of difference between their culture and our culture.