Social Media Running Pakistani YouthSocial media and networking is an important part of our lives and for the new generation. It has already got something like oxygen. TV entered our lives and was measured to be quite addictive, at times imposing on the family life and taking condensation out of imagination.

Start of smart phone and detonation of social media has led the TV screen into every where your house, office, college, mosque or church (bathrooms included) in fact mobile phone has turn out to be part of your body.

Young Pakistani kids suffered by thrombosis being evacuated to hospitals in emergency all around the world. Other physical and psychological problems are creating. The youth is country’s future and if it stays misguided, confused and obsessed, we are in huge trouble; the youth would be a discouraging challenge in place of being helpful for the society.

It takes shape of an arranged movement to engaged elders and the youth (almost like Anti Dengue Campaign) with help from print and electronic media with evidently distinct objectives and goals. Expectantly, we as a nation would appear with a plan of action and build up an ability to drive on the information road with protection along with our future generation.