new yearDisco lights, DJ-songs, Dance floors__ is that how we Pakistani youth is supposed to celebrate New Year Eve. If YES! Then all the hopes and prayers for 2015 to be comparatively opportune and promising than the precedent; are surely justified to go in vain.

It is said “crow tried to walk like a swan and forgot his own gait”. This proverb fits us perfectly because we desire to be Pakistani-cum-modern as general idea prevails modernization is westernization. Hold on! If you think, I am lady-cleric imposing religion then correct yourself because I can’t ask anyone to be a religious fanatic especially in Rabbi-ul-Awwal days; when religion merely lies in singing Naats on musical beats and ornamenting streets with illegal electricity. So I should better restrain myself writing in that perspective and further I believe minorities are also a part of Pakistan (the fact that we often forget) who have equal right to be addressed, at least in my blog!

Therefore being secular, writing generally; I would like to address Pakistani nation: a nation of vampires who feeds on ENTERTAINMENT and FUN just the way real vampires do on blood.

Leaving the topic of New Year Parties somewhere at the back and talking about Vampire-Pakistanis may sound irrelevant to many. But if one is clever enough to amalgamate all the ideas then he will find it very simpler. If it is still difficult then take yourself few days back to the December 16, 2014: massacre of 132 school children, ranging between eight and eighteen years of age. Now, just after 15 days, think yourself of partying hard for New Year. If one imagines the situation rationally, he would find himself nothing but a Vampire-Pakistani who is too dead to feel the pain and is starving for fun. No offense but our solidarity and pain are volatile that fades away like our gas-filled body sprays. Or I can conclude: it all immediately expires soon after taking selfies along with candle vigil and putting hashtags.

I could have quoted many grief-stricken incidents to convince. But I deliberately didn’t, because many of you would argue that Pakistan is under such miserable circumstances for a long time so we should counter the depressing environment by merry making at New Year parties. I would again question: is partying with blinking lights and vigorous dancing are the only ways of celebration? In the name of humanity, we could have celebrated it with little grace and sobriety.

New Year parties are a western norm. Before jumping from eastern to western mode of living, we Vampires first need to learn being HUMAN.