Pakistani dramasKarachi: These days Pakistani artists are using improper Urdu words in the dramas as these mistakes are commonly seen in Pakistani dramas. Usage of improper language is not doing in any one channel but it is doing in almost all channels of Pakistan which should be notice as habit of incorrect Urdu words have increased too much in the industry.

Moreover, Pakistani artists are also adopting Hindi words as well as slang words are also common in some dramas due to which audiences are also catching these types of Hindi and slang words as it is not suitable for our society. Wrong Urdu words have also been observed in famous dramas of ARY Digital such as “Koi Nahi Apna”, “jaane Kyun” and “Bas Chup Raho” as artists are commonly using incorrect Urdu language in these dramas. As we know that Urdu is considered as a language of Pakistan and make us identified that we are Pakistani so if we start to adopt Hindi and slang words, it will be similar to be tag of unpatriotic.

It is the responsibility of all the dramas makers, producers and script writers to highlight Urdu language in Pakistani dramas in order to promote Urdu Language. They also should keep that in their minds that our people adopt those things which they used to see and hear so it is very important to make the artist correct in Urdu language.