Mumbai: The record breaking movie of the Indian industry, “Sholay” is set to be screened in 3D cinemas after 40 years.  The older version has been upgraded to make the film entertaining to the new generation; the old treasure has been revived with the 3D boost.

Technical changes in the movie took 3 years with Rs 3 million investments. The dialogues of the movie are unchanged; however, background music has been changed at few places in accordance to the present demands.

The movie featured iconic actors and actresses including Amitabh Bachchan, Dharmendra, Amjad Khan, Hema Malini and others, who played significant roles. The movie revolves around story of two thieves employed by the police forces to take revenge from the ruthless bandits.

SholayThe movie was produced after heavy financial assistance from the Westerns. But release of the movie achieved milestone.  After 5 years of release, the movie remained screened in largest Mumbai theatres, the longest period in the Indian film industry.

The movie was a production work of Shaam Uttam Singh and Sascha Sippy.he said that it required much effort to convert the negatives of the movie to a digitalized form.  The producer further told that the sounds tracks have been recorded to 3D.

[alert style=”white”] The movie is to release on Friday in 2D and 3D cinemas of India and UAE. After some time, it will be released in other countries. [/alert]

Ramesh Sippy, Sholay’s director filed court action against Sascha Sippy, his nephew and producer of the movie over the owning rights disputes to the film. Attempt to stop release of the movie was made by him. But he failed; since the court demanded his involvement in restoring the movie and he had no part.