Karachi: Actress, model and host Mathira says that people watch TV to see her. And, it is her presence that highly rates a program.  She opines that now every actress is an item girl.  She calls Bilawal Bhutto Zardari and his father Asif Ali Zardari the ideal personalities. However for marriage, he looks in a partner a sound bank balance and a “big” heart.

Mathira is counted among the highly criticized actresses of Pakistan media industry that include Meera and Veena Malik too. But, she does not accept to be part of the “league”. In reality, every word and action by Mathira is objectionable and unacceptable.

MathiraGiving interview to one of the American TV channels, she said that people have criticized me from the very beginning. Hence, I do not pay heed to their say, but feel happy that they have time to think about me.

Mathira said that she did the first video song, “jadugar”, in start of the career. “I was very concerned about my attire. I did not want to give others to criticize me, but still, people made fuss of my sitting style, since they had nothing to say about my clothes”, said Mathira.

The Christian girl stepped into media field as a yoga instructor at one of the local channels. Then she hosted a music show. Both the times, she met criticisms from the masses.

People made fun of her circulating pictures and talks about her on the social websites.

The host said that she always did what her directors had demanded. Social media has emerged as powerful medium and she is discussed immensely.

She called herself beautiful and attractive. She said that if an item song “lick chick current” is done by her, then once again, she will be criticized. Mathira believes that at present age, every actress is an item girl.  She does what is demanded by the directors. Hence, they shall be questioned by the censor board and not the actress.