ALI ZAFARA source near to the actor Ali Zafar claims, the chip missed his right eye by a hair. The hurt actor is now busy with the shoot for his next film ‘Kill Dill’. When made contact with, the Tere Bin Loaded actor did not reject the news report. He confessed he got injured while shooting an ad.

Adding further, he told that also he is shaping up for the marketing of his next issue Total Siyappa, where he theaters a Pakistani youngster gone far in his love about an Indian girl.

[alert style=”white”] However it so occurred that we were shooting an action sequence for Kill Dill and his injured face worked OK for the scene he announced [/alert]

Actors from Pakistan are trying their level best to ensure peace and harmony between India and Pakistan, because it not only encourages and extends the horizon of their career but also vital for both countries.

Ali Zafar has been nominated in various international ceremonies as he has extended his persona in India, few days back he was also nominated as the Sexiest Man in Asia, moreover after all his endeavors he looks forward for more in the future and that is the secret of his ongoing endeavors.