Shahzeb Khanzada resignsShahzeb Khanzada has decided to leave Express News Channel. He has resigned officially. He has been working for almost 3 years. He gave one month notice period. His last day would be 15th December 2014. Shahzeb is hosting the show to the point on Express News.

We are living in the era of information. With the start of modern technologies and social media, it is not possible to pay no attention to the quick growing requirement for information in every walk of life. Nowadays everyone is needy on quick, easy and dependable source of information for their efficient and proficient working. In that Shahzeb is one them who update us on every issue. His show is full of knowledge and information.

Shahzeb Khanzada is the host of well-liked Current Affairs Talk Show “To the Point” which comes on Express News from Monday to Wednesday at 10 pm. The show increases debates on various current issues of the country and contain guests from diverse path of the system. Shahzeb got fame for the reporting of the recent fairs.

Shahzeb Khanzada took many interviews with the Politician. He never scared from anyone. He made Politician silent. Even he raised many serious issues of Pakistan. His efforts were highly praised by the Chief Justice of Pakistan and led him to be awarded the Best Anchorperson Award for 2013.