Asma Chaudhry Starts Hosting News PointA current affairs program is to be hosted by Asma Chaudhry on Channel 24. The program name is News Point. It is a hard line current affairs show which broadcasts Monday to Thursday 9:30 to 10:30 pm on Channel 24. Asma Chaudhry is a Pakistani female journalist and anchor.

Chaudhry commenced her profession as Sub Editor in Jang Group of News papers, Asma got connected with the television and served there as a producer. Afterward she worked with the top rated channels of Pakistan as a producer. Asma was appointed as an anchor person of Program Parliament Cafeteria from parliament with famous political personalities of Pakistan.

In News Point; viewers can know and get hot issues which force our politics, people and society. In this show, people would also be able to take in the opinions and specialist assessment of famous politicians, bureaucrats, diplomats and movers of shakers of Islamabad and Pakistan.

News Point sets to look for the facts and true story of issues rotating our daily affairs. Being a democratic system in its early years, Pakistan has a host of growth and political issues controlling our future. Asma Chaudhry seeks to find the voice of reason and establish a narrative for the progressive and faultless development of Pakistan.