Jaag TV Reporter camera brokenIslamabad: Police temporarily detained Jaag TV reporter Abid Rahi and bash journalists from other media groups Sunday who were wrapped a protest against load-shedding at Rawal Chowk. The police stick accused the news reporter and protesters to go them away from the sight while Rahi was detained at the Secretariat Police Station.

According to the sources during reporting of protest against gas load shading police began stick charge on people and media person as well. Leader of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Shah Mehmood Qureshi criticized the assault on reporter and made responsible government policies for this accident. Haider Abbas Rizwi also condemned this attack on Abid Rahi by police. This attack was on media not on Abid. Abid Rahi is still under police custody in secretariat lockup Islamabad.

Pakistan Federal Union of Journalist critisized the attack on reporter and insisted for serious measure against police officers. On the other hand Parvez Rasheed said that they would make an investigation team to inspect the accident and government already provided the other to get him free. National Press Club President Shaharyar Khan, political leaders from different parties criticized the incident.