Asma Iqbal has also revealed her joining Bol TV on her Facebook status. Asma Asma would join Bol networking as senior news caster. Asma Iqbal has been giving her services with different news channels including Express News, Aaj News, City42, PTV, etc. The organization of ‘BOL’ network has already introduced its high-tech DSNGs system and is probable to go being broadcast at the begin of the year 2015.

Asma Iqbal is an incredible and an extraordinary news anchor. She is a witty more than her male coworkers and very brilliant person who uses her abilities well to perform her best. She worked for one of the main news channels of Pakistan; some of them are Geo TV, Aaj TV, and PTV etc. Except for her ability, she is also recognized for her fast changer among news channels.

Asma IqbalAsma Iqbal was born in 1983. She has recently got 29 years old. Asma belongs to Lahore, Punjab. She is cheerfully married. She started her career from Channel 42. She then connected with other news channels and worked for a significant time. She is currently working there and she looked quite satisfied there. But she got good offer from Bol network.