Senior Anchor Mubasher Lucman Resigns From ARY News

Mubasher LucmanThe famous news analyst and host of the program “Khara Sach”, Mubasher Lucman has resigned from ARY News along with the entire team last night. The decision just came after the program “Khara Sach” was terminated by the management of ARY News. Senior anchor person got angry on this decision by the channel management and decided to resign from ARY News with his entire team in order to record the protest against this. Whole team of Khara Sach including Mubasher Lucman, Senior Producer Rao Rao Awais, Program Producer Muhammad Shoaib, Social Media & IT Manager Daniyal Lucman, Producer Sheikh Muhammad Naveed, Producer Afifa Rao and Non Linear Editor Adeel Ahmed, have resigned from ARY News.

Mubasher Lucman had covered the story of terrorism in Karachi by the political party of Urban Sindh and revealed the names of terrorists associated with them in the latest program. He also put the responsibility on MQM leader Altaf Hussain, for the instability in the city and growing terrorist activities. The program was disrupted and ARY News Transmission Was Forcefully Cuts Off in several areas of Karachi, Hyderabad and Sukkur.

MQM protested against Mubasher Lucman and ARY News outside the Karachi Press Club and demands to ban the show Khara Sach, yesterday. Finally ARY News decided to terminate the show after facing huge pressure from MQM.

Tweet of senior anchorperson Mubasher Lucman is here.

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  1. MOABaig says:

    Very disappointing to see that ARY has also joined the GEO League. Bakri bun gay, woh bhi kab, when the MQM is on its deathbed. Apni AUQAT dikha dee..

  2. Faiza khattak says:

    It seems k ab koi kuch ni kr sakta..4 log aa k pressure dalain gy gy n ap dar k peechy hat jao gy..ARY was the only Channel jis ny hmesha sach ka sath dia tha..but…ARY sy ye umeed ni hurts..very no more ARY…

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