Talat Hussain Naya PakistanPakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) has issued a show cause notice to Geo News for Spreading hate, Religious and Sectarianism Discrimination in Geo News Program “Naya Pakistan”. The program was started last month after Senior Anchorperson and program host Talat Hussain left Aaj News and joined Geo News. According to the notice send by PEMRA, Talat Hussain presented controversial content in his show “Naya Pakistan and the content was based on sectarianism Violence and Religious Discrimination that can spread Violence in the Country, ARY News reported.

The guest was ASWJ Leader Allama Muhammad Ahmed Ludhianvi, who talked about sectarian issues and had given controversial statement about the opponent religious sect. Program host Talat Hussain had asked to express his views about that opponent sect and the answer given by Allama Muhammad Ahmed Ludhianvi was very disturbing. PEMRA received many complaints against that program in which people have demanded to ban the program and anchorperson. Although, Talat Hussain had mentioned in the beginning of the program that he only owns the questions asked in the programs and totally disowns the answers.

This is not the first time that Geo News got the show cause notice by the PEMRA but had received several times for airing the controversial content in different programs. Geo News also faced ban of 15 days last year after blaming ISI chief Zaheer-ul-Islam on Hamid Mir attack in Karachi.