Sahiba AfzalFamous Pakistani film actress Sahiba Afzal is not interested now to act in films. In her recent interview, Sahiba Afzal said that she is not fond of working in the films now. She said that if one path of life is chosen, it cannot defeat a person. However on the other hand, people who choose many paths of life definitely face defeat at one end. Sahiba Afzal said that she had already decided after marriage that she will not work in films and she is still standby on that decision. While responding on a question, Sahiba said that whatever she has targeted, only used honesty and hard work to get that.

Sahiba Afzal was born in Lahore, in 1976 and her real name is Madiha. She had entered in Pakistani film industry in 1992, with her debut Punjabi film “Ishq Rehna Sada”. During her career, Sahiba had acted in many Punjabi and Urdu films including Hero, Munda Bigra Jaye, Mamla Garbar Hai, Hum To Chalay Susral and Chor Machaye Shor. After her marriage with Afzal Khan (Jan Rainbow), she had left the industry.

Sahiba and Afzal Khan have two children and the couple is living a happy married life.