After facing so much criticism on item song, popular television and film actress Sohai Ali Abro has finally responded. Sohai Ali Abro said that if someone does not like an item song, so he should not watch it. In a recent interview with a British broadcasting corporation, Sohai Ali Abro clearly said that anyone cannot forcedly stop an artist to work and if someone does not like item songs, so he/she simply not watch it. Sohai Ali Abro said that she considers herself lucky as her serial has been broadcasted in India.

While answering a question regarding opposing item songs by her close friend Hamza Ali Abbasi, Sohai Ali Abro responded that Hamza Ali Abbasi is very simple man but he cannot stop anyone from working. She said that if she doesn’t like any role, she will definitely reject it but can’t force anyone not to work.

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Sohai Ali AbroShe said that a video song “Selfiyan” from Pakistani film Wrong No. was just a simple song, but people have called it an item song. Sohai concluded that Pakistani film industry is new and that is the reason viewers seems everything big enough.

It is to be noted that many people on social media have condemned item song of Sohai Ali Abro and said that it is not our culture.