reema scandalsKarachi:  Pakistan’s senior actress of the Lollywood industry, Reema Khan has said that the Pakistani artists should look forward to betteringthe film industry and put efforts to paving ways for its success. Working in the Bollywood would earn no good to the local film industry. We should have doing good to -nation thinking, she added.

She expressed these views during an interview given to one of the media channels.  The 41 aged female actress said that several times she has had been approached by the Indian movie makers, but she had declined the offers, owing to her priority of working for the local media.

Reema Khan said that she has had done several shows with the Bollywood artists in foreign countries but never let down her country’s name or her self-esteem. The Lollywood’s Barbie doll expressing to what she sees as revival of the film industry, stated that the dark period of Pakistan’s film industry has come to an end. Our industry has started producing good movies, she said.

The director and producer and foremost the actress, disclosed about two new projects that she is set to do the next year. However, refrained from giving further details and just said that the shows would be different and unique in standards.

Thanking to those working for the betterment of the movie industry she said that their efforts would not end up in smoke but would yield productive results.