Lahore: Pakistani singer Annie’s new song ‘Boom Boom’ has hit the social websites immensely in which along with the female vocalist have performed the Jamaican singer Beenie Man and his team. Backed with melodious music has managed to embark fame on the social websites. Around 2.5 million people have watched the song.

Jamaican singer, Beenie Man is called ‘King’ of dance hall in the world of art.  The trailer of Annie’s new song, ‘Tujhay Yaad Kiya’ has captivated the fans of the pop singer. English Indian music producer, Rishpal Singh Rekhi , known as Rishi Rich by his stage name, would also be performing with Noor-ul-Ain ,(Annie) in the song. These days Noor-ul-Ain is busy in doing several projects with the Beenie Man.

The English Pakistani musician, model cum singer Annie’s, original name Noor-ul-Ain Khalid is Lahori stardom.  She set off with her music career in late 2005, the ‘Mahiya’ song being the reason to earn her fame. In 2011, she was nominated for the best singer category in Pakistan Media Awards. Annie enjoys to be enjoined by international figures in her music releases, charity work she does globally.

As a Pakistani music icon, she stands out as real gem for the country