Cricketer-Halima-RafiqMultan: Halima Rafiq, the 17-years old Pakistani cricketer from Multan has lost her life by drinking acid in order to commit suicide. According to the details, Halima Rafiq who became the victim of sexual harassment raised her voice in media against topmost officials of the Multan Cricket Council with the charged of sexual harassment.

With reference to the further reports, Halima Rafiq and her family were in great depression due to rejection of harassment charges against Maulvi Sultan Alam who is a 70 year old lawyer and member of the Provincial Assembly of the Punjab. However, she had to pay 20 million rupees as a compensation directed by court which led her towards more disheartened stage due to which she lost her life in this shock. Halima Rafiq who was the fast bowler of the national women’s cricket team, was also threatened and blackmailed by the harassers as well as they are creating trouble for her joining to Multan team too. The female cricketer who was bullying for enlighten the issue in front of media could not bear up all these and decided to left this cruel world.

After commitment of suicide, Halima Rafiq was admitted at the Nishtar Hospital where she took her breath and later buried in her hometown, Multan. Halima’s relatives and family members accused PCB for the death of the 17-year-old female cricketer of Multan.