Pakistani famous model, dancer, singer and a television host Mathira Mohammad has raised her voice against brutality, cruelty and violence over Palestinians in Gaza which is completely hard to see. In her interview Mathira showed solidarity with Palestine’s victims and has passed a message of harmony among people through her interview.

Model Mathira Mohammad said in her interview that this is a very painful act in this Ramzan which has never ever emerged in the history as we can see that how Palestinians are suffering from this hard violence. She said that families are destroying in Gaza day by day; people are losing their children and family which are targeting by different types of attacks which is completely unbearable as Gaza is suffering from the phase of inhumanity. It is not about religion it is about humanity as no religion permits the killing of little kid even he/she believes in any religion, Mathira said.

Pakistani celebrity further stated in this regard that it is necessary to feel the pain of kid who is being killed by different chemicals, bombs and guns as it is the height of injustice, unfairness and inequity. She also demanded to all the political parties to help the little children of Gaza who are restless, who are not given any medication, who are suffering from the lack of water too. Mathira requested to all the people to remember Gaza in your special prayers as they need our help and prayers in this time as well as she also requested to raise your voice and hold protest in a positive manner in order to help victims of Palestine.model Mathira-Mohammed

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