Hyderabad Deccan: Hindu extremists once again began enmity with Pakistan after BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party) back into power in India. Tennis star Sania Mirza has become the latest target of Hindu extremists as she has been criticized by the BJP for appointed as a Brand ambassador for the state of Telangana.

BJP has recently showed their example of hatred against Muslims and Pakistan in the Telangana state where the BJP under their extremist thinking has objected over appointment of Sania Mirza as a brand ambassador for the state. In this regard, BJP state leader Laxman says Sania Mirza was born in Mumbai, grew up in Hyderabad-Deccan and so on and married with a Pakistani as now she is daughter in law of Pakistan so in this case, how can she be made ​​the ambassador of the state?

On the other hand, tennis star Sania Mirza commented in this regard that time is being wasted on a normal issue, her family is settled in Hyderabad for more than a century, she were Indian, she is Indian, she will remain Indian. She also added that it is painful to hear to be called a citizen of any other country.

Sania Mirza

The objections raised by Anti-Muslim party BJP are so lame even their own leaders cannot defend their objections because Sania Mirza even if the law of Pakistan, but despite that she did not give up her Indian citizenship as she always represent her native country in International competitions.