HONEYLahore: Stage actress Honey Shehzadi told to media regarding the incident which was happened at her residency on Sunday in Johar Town at Lahore in which 2 killed in firing at her house. Honey Shehzadi told that she was in her room due to regular load shedding at night then suddenly gunmen entered in her area. Two armed young men entered in her house and opened fire outside her room as she was playing game in her mobile at that time.

Stage actress Honey Shehzadi also told regarding that incident that there were four armed men in which two of them controlled the security guards at gunpoint and two them entered in my house. Honey Shehzadi’s sister in law died by bullets suddenly when armed men opened fire as she was talking with Honey at that moment. While Honey Shehzadi’s son Balaj’s foot was injured by bullet and her nephew was shot in the back. On the other hand, security guards who were standing outside the house were also hacked to death by two armed men due to showing resistance.

Honey Shehzadi further told that I do not have any enmity with anyone, nor have I seen these armed men before. Honey Shehzadi appealed to government for inquiry into the incident and also demanded for the increase of protection. On the other hand, artists have been afraid after the incident of firing over house of actress Mahnoor and Honey Shehzadi and also appealed to CM Punjab to increase the security of all artists