Sofia khanMultan: Stage actress Sofia Khan was physically tortured by her husband Aijaz as both were in love with each other and decide to tie in knot nine months ago. The actress, Dilshad a.k.a. Sofia Khan claimed that her husband Aijaz burnt her hairs and beaten her because she denied to live with her ex-wife as she is badly tortured by her husband and stepson.

Stage actress also told that her husband pressurized her day by day for conciliation with her first wife who lives in DG Khan. Meanwhile, Aijaz Akram who is an employer of Multan Electric Power Company (MEPCO) claimed that she demanded Rs 1 million and when he did not given her that amount she started to blame him for physical torture as it is completely baseless blame on him. Her husband also told to media that Sofia Khan wanted to work in Showbiz but he refused her after which she started to demand Rs 1 million.

Actress Sofia Khan who is not happy with her husband also told that her life is in danger and she needs protection. She also asked protection for her from Punjab government and demanded justice and investigation into her matter while claiming that police is not doing investigating regarding the matter after given application.