Blasphemy on Samaa TV Live Show Created Panic in Public

Subah Sehri Samaa Ke Sath Ramzan transmissionAnother blasphemy act has emerged recently which has again created panic in public as well as hurt the sentiments of many Muslims. Samaa TV has stuck in the blasphemy act which has done in their Ramzan transmission live show Sehri transmission Subah Sehri Samaa Ke Sath by their guests.

According to the details, 2 days ago at Samaa TV live Ramzan transmission; their guest did blasphemy against Hazrat Mavia (RA) in Sehri transmission Subah Sehri Samaa Ke Sath by raising the question on the upbringing of Hazrat Mavia (RA). The discussion was going on at the upbringing of mothers during the Sehri transmission in which guests of this show distinguished the upbringing of mother of Yazeed and Hazrat Mavia (RA) and the mother of Hazrat Imam Hussain in order to prove their example of different upbringings of mothers. This blasphemy act has made people aggressive and created a state of anxiety among Muslims.

The host of the show Syed Bilal Qutab officially apologized for the comments and remarks of their guests at the platform of Samaa TV during their Sehri transmission. He also said during his apology statements that we did not mean to hurt the sentiments and feelings of Muslims and I am apologized with all my heart as we don’t want that our platform use in this manner.

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  1. sadiq says:

    kiya galat kaha WO sahabi ee nh Jo kissi imam ko zehr day aur maavia WO asteen Ka saaanp hay jisnay mola hassan ko shaheed kiyaa
    jb kbhi. Jung hoti hay to larnay walo mai se ek haq pay air aik baatil pay hota hay jb ali haq Thai to Jo larai WO baaatil ap sochlo sifaain mai kon baatil tha

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