Comedian Iftikhar ThakurLahore: When the holy month of Ramzan arrived, a lot of people started to begin Islamic preaching as we can see that everyone is busy in religious transmissions and other programs. In order to get the highest blessings of Allah in the blessed month of Ramzan, everyone tries to take part in the religious preaching.

According to the details, renowned comedian Iftikhar Thakur said that those people are lucky who are guided by Allah. Prayer is the pillar of religion in our lives, if we make the usual prayers, our troubles will be automatically removed, said by famous comedian Iftikhar Thakur. He said that it is the responsibility of Ummah to preach the religion after our Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) that is why everybody has to fulfill this responsibility. Another actor Jawad Waseem said in this regard that Allah does not need our prostration as we know that each time millions of angels bow their head in front of Allah.

Actor Jawad Waseem further added that thank God that we were born in Muslim families, I have performed my Hajj in my life and it’s my duty to call other artists for Hajj. Actors Irfan Hashmi said some friends, including me, who started religious studies in showbiz that is still going on. Javed kudu, Anwar Ali, Naeem Kashmiri, Jawad Waseem and Naseem Butt have played their important role to attract other artists towards religion.