Lahore: Pakistani authorities have blocked access to a Web sex immoral video reportedly featuring actor Meera and her legal man even before as the performer on Fri.As Announced the photographs were ‘fake’. The PTA cut off access to the video following a request from Meera, who has appeared in 2 Indian films. The transient video allegedly features Meera and Navid Shahzad, an airline pilot of Pakistani origin settled in the States.

It was uploaded by unidentified people to 1 or 2 internet sites over the last few days.As the video went viral, Meera recounted in an announcement provided to the media that she wasn’t the girl seen in the pictures. She exclaims It’s a fake video as the girl in it has put on a ‘Meera’s face mask’.images (1)The video should be dispatched to the US for forensic tests as Pakistan has no such facility,” she claimed. Meera explained she had married Shahzad last year. She claimed that regardless of if any person thought the video was real, “then for their info we haven’t done any sin”. Shahzad, who was in the news 1 or 2 months back for allegedly splitting with Meera, too made a claim he is her ‘legal husband’.