Humaira-Rashad-and-Ahmed-ButtChairman of Ali Essa and Company and Famous Drama producer Sakhi Sarwar Butt has sent legal notice to Ahmed Butt husband of Humaira Arshad. Ahmed Butt blamed Sakhi Sarwar that he was the reason of the problems in the relationship of Ahmed Butt and his wife Humaira Arshad. Ahmed Butt in a press conference said that 50% of the property of Humaira Arshad is owned by Sakhi Sarwar.

The legal notice called for paying damages of Rs 100 million. Sakhi Sarwar sent the legal notice as his Image was hurt because of the statement given against him by Ahmed Butt. Ahmed Butt and Humaira Arshad tied knot of their marriage 13 years ago. Conflicts between Humaira Arshad and Ahmed Butt have increased to such an extent that both of them are fully engaged against each other and both have not left a single opportunity to make the conflict worst.

Ahmed Butt few days ago hosted a press conference and blamed that Sakhi Sarwar was responsible for the problems in the relationship with his wife. Ahmed Butt claimed that He had transferred all of his property on Humaira Arshad’s ownership but now Humaira herself is owner of 50% of the property whereas remaining 50% is owned by Sakhi Sarwar Butt.