Humaira-and-AhmedHumaira Arshad’s conflicts with her Husband Ahmed Butt have increased bringing the couple’s relationship at a tragic point. Humaira Arshad and Ahmed Butt married about 13 years ago, they tied the knot of their relationship when they entered into a love marriage later they also had a baby boy. The news about the conflict between two had been circulating from some months now but the situation turned really bad when her Husband Ahmed Butt conducted a press conference further accusing her for some matters.

Humaira Arshad’s view on the situation is that her husband Ahmed Butt violently beat her on road in front of people and demanded from her Rs 20 million if she wants divorce. Humaira added that her in Laws are more responsible for the issues in their relationship especially Ahmed’s Brother she mentioned. Humaira further denying allegations said that all the allegations are being made just to conceal the real story.

Ahmed Butt’s view point was that Humaira filed a bogus case against him of kidnapping their own son and threatening him of death, further he added that how can I kidnap my own son and kill my own child who is my blood. He said that I haven’t demanded any money from her adding further he said that the intriguing part is that he transferred all of his properties to Humaira’s ownership, all the properties’ 50% share is now owned by Sakhi Sarwar. This is the main problem and Humaira wants to acquire American Immigration through all this Ahmed said. Ahmed demanded security from Government officials and said that if anything happens to him or his family Humaira will be responsible.